Welcome to Fibercams – the easiest HD camera chain solution.

We add SMPTE fiber connectors to today’s best camcorders giving them full studio-camera functionality without the high-cost or limited format options. Generally, Fibercams are:

  • As high or higher performance than stock, name-brand SMPTE fiber camera chains
  • Cheaper than most solutions
  • Lighter weight than most HD cameras
  • Smaller (base stations are 1-RU)
  • More future-proof (base stations are 3G HDSDI compatible for cameras not yet available)

Fibercams is not a do-it-yourself accessories kit like some companies offer, but rather a permanent (and considerably easier) option to get high-performance SMPTE camera chains without the high-performance pricetag. Fibercams base stations modulate power, genlock, tally, intercom, HDSDI video, HD/SDI return video, shading, and TC on a single industry-standard cable. Fibercams is an excellent solution for studio use,  HD flight packs, HD Mobile Trucks, and churches.

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